Marcin Strzoda (Stredonius)

11.11.1587 - 26.8.1649


   The prominent theologician was born as the son of a town alderman, Marcin Strzoda. He first studied in a parish school in Gliwice, in Polish language (the official language at that time was Czech), after the graduation he went to school in Glogowek (where he learnt German). In 1605 he managed to enroll to St. Vaclav Seminar in Prague, which was an institution for poor students (Strzoda and his family experienced poverty because of a fire in Gliwice in 1601).

   After he graduated from the seminar in 1608, he joined the Jesuit Society in Prague. He continued his philosophical studies and on 14th November 1622 he obtained a PhD at the Prague University (in 1635 a doctor’s degree on theology). In a short time he made a career as a scientist, he was a lecturer at the Prague University and several Jesuit colleges. In 16261627 he was a professor of a Jesuit college in Nysa and in 16281629 a vice-chancellor in a Jesuit college in Brno.   

   In 1633 he was elected a general attorney of the order and in 1638 – a provincial. This position made him travel a lot, even though his health was weak – he visited Gliwice as well. In 1645, during the siege of Brno by protestant armies he efficiently animated the defendants to fight. Except of his theological works, he, as the first Pole, wrote a history of Silesia from the beginnings of Christianity. Many reports about miracles and prophecies of Marcin Strzoda survived. He forecasted the end of the 30 years’ war.

   He died at night 25th26th August 1649 in Brno as a saint.



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Translation: Magi, Emerson

Gliwice 2004